Small Package Delivery

We fully understand the importance of time sensitive shipments. Whether your package is being delivered somewhere in town or somewhere across the country, Doyle’s Small Package Delivery service guarantees an expedited, safe, and affordable delivery.

Along with providing world-class service, we are dedicated to providing the most affordable rates possible. Unlike many delivery services, we don’t apply overage charges to small package deliveries.


We know time-sensitive deliveries are often as important as they are stressful.

Our parcel delivery service accommodates your delivery needs the same hour, day, next-day, two-day, etc. Your package will arrive exactly when you need it to.


Adapting to innovations in technology is one of the main reasons Doyle’s Cab is Fargo’s longest operating business.

By employing the latest in logistical technology, you are provided the opportunity to stay informed on all aspects of the shipping process. These aspects include, but are not limited to, scheduling, tracking, full shipping history reports, pickup and delivery information, and billing services.


Our customers have reported up to 25% savings in overall shipping costs when utilizing our small package delivery service. We achieve this through the elimination of overage charges, offering competitive shipping costs, and promising zero complications.

At Doyle’s, we aren’t just a taxi service. We are your logistic partner.

Please call if you are interested in receiving a small package delivery quote. Doyle’s Cab is looking forward to being your reliable delivery partner.